Eze still feeling economic hurt after November Paris attacks


Judith Krief outside Mineral Travel in Eze

EZE, France — Judith Krief has worked in Eze for three years and said she has noticed a decline in business this year compared to years past after the Paris terrorism attacks.

“People are frightened,” Krief said. “In the winter there were much fewer tourists. We’re still recovering from it now.”

Krief works at Mineral Travel, a business that sells jewellery and other items made out of rocks and minerals.

People are drawn to the atmosphere of Eze and its simple lifestyle and she believes that tourism will return to normal at some point, Krief said. “It’s just a question of time and confidence.”

Krief said she has mostly noticed a decline in American and Russian tourists this year, which she attributes to misinformation about safety in the media. Mineral Travel has maintained roughly the same amount of French customers.

Krief doesn’t believe there is much risk in travel to France, specifically the south of France, she said. “People are frightened. It’s all about your spirit . . . Everyone has to open up to travel in France and not be closed off because of the events of last year.”

What safety concerns do you have when travelling? Let us know in the comments below.


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