Soap shop owner hopes for tourism spike during European Cup


Christophe Dutto stands in front of his locally made products sold in his store in Saint-Paul de Vence.

SAINT-PAUL DE VENCE, France – With this year’s European Cup quickly approaching, Christophe Dutto hopes the month-long soccer event will spike tourism in the medieval town.

“The Euro Cup will revitalize tourism,” he said. “Visitors will sleep in the region, eat and buy things.”

The European Cup will be played in various cities throughout France from June 10 to July 10, including Nice, and is expected to attract over 2 million people to the country.

Dutto, manager of Produits de Nos Regions, sells soaps, jams and oils, all created with ingredients from France and are made by local artisans.

A resident of Grasse, Dutto said he knew opening a business in Saint-Paul de Vence was great because of the tourism. “I chose to make my business here for the multinational tourists here.”

Dutto said he has definitely seen the negative effects on his business since the attacks in Paris last November. He said, since then, it has been unusual to see his business so empty. “The whole region suffers.”

How much consideration should be given to recent terrorist threats when making to travel plans?


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