Èze artist finding balance between business and pleasure


Luc Villard stands in front of his abstract work on display in his atelier in Èze.

ÈZE, France – Luc Villard, one of many artists with an atelier in Èze, said having so many artists’ ateliers nearby is good for the tourism and culture in the area.

Strolling through the Èze’s maze of cobblestone pathways, I came across many ateliers with distinct styles, from abstract ones like Villard’s, to others with landscape pieces.

“There’s not a lot of competition,” Villard said. “It’s a good thing having more than just one.”

Villard commutes every day from Nice to his workshop in the hilltop village, which he said features all of his own original works.


Three of Villard’s original pieces which inspired him to pursue art as a business.

Villard said he began painting five years ago after being inspired by chance. He decided to hold an exposition for his work, which lasted about two weeks.

When his artwork received a positive reception from patrons, he decided to pursue art as a business, he said. His workshop has been open for four years.

“People liked it, so I had to continue,” he said. “Since then, I began making more abstract designs.”

While he enjoys painting, Villard said abstract painting is a business for him. “If there’s no revenue, there’s no pleasure. First it’s a business, then a pastime.”

How do you balance work and leisure? Leave your comments below.

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