Happy to be here-Eze artist appreciates opportunity

EZE, France — Paintings and collages of all colours, sizes and types fill every inch of_DSC0251 (1)space on the stone walls, skinny tables overflow with prints, smaller paintings and bookmarks with the same signature. Leaning  against a desk is a folder containing nude sketches of every size and palettes are visible hanging in the corner of the tiny work space.

This is the studio of Barbara Blanche on a small winding street of the old town.

“It is a miracle to make all of this in such a small space,” Blanche said. “I love working in Eze.”

_DSC0253Blanche has been based in the studio for 27 years. The main room displays her paintings and a small desk in the back is used as her workspace and counter. She points to works in progress that she hangs wherever she can find the space.

A narrow set of stairs littered with CDs and paper winds up to a tiny loft above the main studio space.

Despite the lack of room, Blanche beams when asked about her life here.

“It is very compact but I have been here a long time and it is a very big _DSC0252 (1)chance for me.” Blanche said. Everything she makes is from here but she is quick to point out how far across the globe her work has spread. “I have sold paintings across Asia, Europe, America and Canada. I keep a book with photos and the country of all of my buyers.”

She she appreciated being able to connect directly with new customers everyday. Speaking with them and showing them the details and texture of each piece.

“I can show the real colour, the real size and the real work better than I could online.” said Blanche, who sells no work online.

“I work with my heart, and I am independent in my life and my art” Blanche said. “I am very lucky to make a living from art.”

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